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Three Things Matter Most To Your People!
• What do they want out of life?
• How will they get what they want?
• What will get in their way?


Personality Predicts Leadership Style and Effectiveness


Who we are is how we lead! And knowing who you are can help you improve your leadership performance. Two generalizations about people and human nature are: (1) people live and work in groups, and (2) every group has a status hierarchy – that is, there are people at the bottom, in the middle, and at the top and everyone knows who is where. This suggests that the most important problems in life concern getting along with others and achieving some measure of status. Dr. Robert Hogan refers to this as getting along and getting ahead, and individual differences in these capabilities predict a wide range of occupational outcomes. It is important to note, that effective leaders are skilled at both building relationships and acquiring status, that is, getting along and getting ahead.


What is Personality?

Not all psychologist believe there is a single definition of personality, but there is strong agreement that personality includes the impression you create in others through your typical patterns of behavior. In other words, it’s the reputation you earn over time in the workplace. Also it is agreed, that personality traits either accentuate or compromise the skills and abilities you bring to the workplace….Read More >

Personality Assessment and Leadership


This may come as a surprise to you, but a person’s personality more accurately predicts their business success than the knowledge and skills they possess. Personality functions as the “manager” of a person’s workplace abilities. Your personality is the key element at the core of your work experience, and it has a huge impact on personal productivity and job satisfaction.

Powerful personality measures exist that measures a person’s strengths, weaknesses, and values that influence their behavior in the workplace. The insight that one gains from understanding their personality will provide insights that can help advance their career……Read More >


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