Assessment and Selection

Hayden Consulting assessment and selection services can be used for both external as well as internal hiring needs. Following is the typical approach to an assessment and selection project, whether for one employee or multiple hiring needs.

Job and Organizational Analysis - Developing the Success Profile

During this phase we will gain an in-depth understanding of the your company’s mission, values, critical success factors and culture. The goal of this process is for us to gain a thorough understanding of the competencies that are essential for success within your organization. In other words, we start with a strong foundation for the assessment process.

In-Depth, Whole Person Assessment

This approach is based on administering the Hogan Assessments suite of inventories, as well as in depth psychological interviews, and an experienced assessor providing feedback of the results in relation to your organizational needs, climate, and culture. Foremost this is a very flexible process that is customized to fit your organization, industry and the level of position within your company.

The key to successful assessment and selection is the ability to interpret the assessment data within the context of the job and your organizational needs and culture. The rubber hits the road with the reporting and decision-making that comes as a result of the assessment.

The Assessment Process Has Three (3) Phases:

1. In-Depth Psychological Testing

A customized test battery featuring the Hogan Assessment Suite of inventories is selected, typically requiring less than one or two hours to complete and is administered online at the test takers convenience. The inventories measures a person’s motivations, decision-making style and ability, leadership and behavioral styles, career derailers, and cognitive and problem solving skills.

2. In Depth Psychological Interview

Following the testing, the assessor conducts an in depth background interview addressing the candidates level of motivations, self-perceptions, emotional Intelligence, key events and formative experiences, key accomplishments/disappointments , and short and long term goals.

3. Reporting

Hayden Consulting integrates the test results, interview data and makes recommendations about the fit of the candidate in terms of strengths, goals, motivational factors and areas for development and the long term potential within your company. Each report is our in-depth understanding of the candidate relative to the needs and goals of your organization. The content of the report usually includes the candidate strengths and weaknesses, short and long term potential, motivational fit, potential “derailers”, interpersonal and leadership skills, key developmental needs, and tips for managing and coaching the candidate.


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