Awareness Coaching

Awareness coaching has one significant advantage over skills coaching, that is, it costs less than skills coaching and is therefore more scalable and can be used to reach a broader spectrum of a company’s leader population.

Awareness coaching also holds several less obvious advantages over a typical long term executive coaching engagement:

1. Although limited in its scope, Awareness Coaching still offers participants sufficient time to build rapport with a professional coach, which is critical to a successful outcome.

2. Awareness Coaching uses the scientifically valid Hogan suite of personality assessments as its driving force.

3. Most importantly, participants overwhelmingly cite awareness building as the central focus of
awareness coaching and perhaps the most helpful part of any coaching engagement.

Here is a brief overview of how a typical Awareness Coaching engagement might work. Under the program, participants engage in a three-part onboarding process during their first year in a new job:

1. Assessment – Participants complete the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) and receive reports describing their normal personality, potential derailers, and core values.

2. Development planning – Participants complete a feedback session with a Hogan coach to discuss
assessment results and prepare a development plan that targets key strengths and areas for improvement with the ultimate goal of improving workplace performance in their first year.

3. Professional coaching – Each participant works with his or her Hogan coach at four points during
their first year (0 months, two months, six months, and 12 months).

This process is representative of a typical awareness coaching engagement conducted by Hayden Consulting. Three keys for successful Awareness Coaching programs are:

1. Valid Assessment - the Hogan assessment inventories are the engines that drive successful Awareness Coaching.

2. Strategic Self-Awareness - coaches agree on the importance of self-awareness for personal and job success. Greater awareness of one’s personality is important to modifying behavior. Personality is composed of two parts, identity – how we see ourselves – and reputation – how others see us. For most people there is an important disparity between identity and reputation that can cause them to ignore feedback and derail. Strategic self-awareness is about achieving a realistic view of one’s strengths and weaknesses, and how those strengths and weaknesses compare to those of his or her peers.

3. Knowledgeable Coaches – a knowledgeable coach provides feedback and coaching advice beyond what is offered by the assessments and reports alone.”

Why Consider Awareness Coaching

In this cost-driven business environment, finding economical, yet still impactful methods of leadership development is an important key to success. Awareness Coaching builds on powerful assessment data to incorporate the most useful elements of more involved coaching programs into a cost-effective package that produces outstanding results.


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